Example frame.

An example of annotated frame.

(a) and (b) show a reference person at two extremes of a predefined quadrilateral; (c) a perspective map to scale pixels by their relative size in the three-dimensional scene.


Including video frames in jpeg format, ground truth, perspective normalised features, and perspective normalisation map.


The mall dataset was collected from a publicly accessible webcam for crowd counting and profiling research.

Ground truth: Over 60,000 pedestrians were labelled in 2000 video frames. We annotated the data exhaustively by labelling the head position of every pedestrian in all frames.

Video length: 2000 frames
Frame size: 640x480
Frame rate: < 2 Hz

The dataset is intended for research purposes only and as such cannot be used commercially. Please cite the following publication(s) when this dataset is used in any academic and research reports.


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