Graduated PhD

  1. Jessie Hui Wang, "ISPs' Traffic Engineering and Peering Strategies", PhD Thesis, 2004-2007. Currently associate professor, Tsinghua University.
  2. Yan Hu, "Intelligent Traffic Monitoring, Analysis and Classification", PhD Thesis, 2005-2008. First at NECLab/Beijing, now working for Google in the US.
  3. Xingang Shi, "Efficient Tracking of Significant Communication Patterns in Computer Networks", PhD Thesis, 2007-2011, Research Engineer, Tsinghua University
  4. Yi Peng Zhou, "Models for Analyzing P2P Streaming Networks", M.Phil Thesis 2006-2008. "Modeling and Analysis of P2P VoD Systems", PhD Thesis 2009-2012. Assistant Professor at Shenzhen University starting 2013, now a lecturer at Macquarie University, Sydney, Australia
  5. Tom ZJ Fu, "Performance Metrics, Configuration Strategies and Traffic Identification for Group Network Applications", M.Phil Thesis 2006-2009. "The Academic Social Network and Research Ranking System, PhD Thesis 2009-2013. Research Scienctist at ADSC (Singapore); currently Director of ML at Bigo Technology Pte Ltd
  6. Liang Chen, "User Behavior and Resource Allocation in Online Video Services", PhD Thesis 2009-2013. Assistant Professor at Shenzhen University; recently moved to Tencent.
  7. Yan Wu, "Data Mining and Modeling of the Academic Community", PhD Thesis 2011-2015. Tencent (Shenzhen).
  8. Jiqiang Wu, "Modeling and Predicting Online Video Popularity", PhD Thesis 2010-2016. Research staff at TCL (Hong Kong).
  9. Chunfeng Yang, "Improving Collaborative Video Recommendation: Methods Addressing Data Sparcity", PhD Thesis 2012-2017. Tencent (Shenzhen)
  10. Lei Zhan, "Data Driven Analysis, Modeling and Policy Design for Energy Efficiency in Smart Buildings", PhD Thesis 2011-2017. Postdoc at CUHK, ASTRI, now at Cathay Pacific.
  11. Suiming Guo, "Dynamic Price and its Effects in Ride-on-demand Services: Measurement, Modelling and Prediction", PhD Thesis 2013-2018. Joined Jinan University (Guangzhou) after PhD
  12. Qiufang Ying, "User Modeling and Usage Profiling in OSN and Game Platforms", PhD Thesis 2012-2018. Tencent (Shenzhen)

Graduated MPhil

  1. Angus Wing Kai Lin, "Analysis of Distributed Participation and Replication Strategies in P2P Systems", M.Phil Thesis, 2003-2005. Currently working for Macquarie, on algorithmic trading.
  2. Adrian Sai-wah Tam, "A Study of the Co-existence of Heterogeneous Flows in Data Networks", M.Phil Thesis, 2003-2006. After PhD from Polytech/NYU, currently working in US.
  3. Yan Gao, "Determining the Throughput Capacity of IEEE 802.11-based Wireless Networks: Methodology and Applications", M.Phil Thesis, 2004-2006. After PhD (UIUC), working for Accenture in Beijing; now with LinkedIn in US.
  4. Humphrey Chun Kong Cheng, "Towards Efficient Distributed Search in a Peer-to-Peer Network", M.Phil Thesis, 2004-2006. After graduation, doing a start-up in Hong Kong, now at Akamai (Hong Kong)
  5. Chong Ye, "Peer-to-peer Replication to Improve File Availability", M.Phil Thesis, 2005-2007. First job: Oracle; currently, HP in China.
  6. Steven Chi Hang Wong, "Real-time Network Traffic Classification", M.Phil Thesis, 2005-2007. First job, working for an ISP (HK Broadband) in Hong Kong.
  7. Tony Zheng Yi Zhang, "An Adaptive Distributed Algorithm for Path Aggregation", M.Phil Thesis 2005-2007. First job, ASM Hong Kong.
  8. Yang Cheung, "Modelling and Analysis of Internet Pricing and Revenue Distribution", M.Phil Thesis 2006-2008. First at Yahoo HK/Taiwan; now at Google in US.
  9. Yongzhi Wang, "Design and Evaluation of Load Balancing Algorithms in P2P Streaming", M.Phil Thesis 2007-2009. now working for LinkedIn in China.
  10. Lu Jia, "A Study of Peer-to-Peer Systems", M.Phil Thesis 2007-2009. Got PhD from Delft University of Technology, now teaching in China Agricultural University in Beijing.
  11. Qian Wang, "A Study of ISP Pricing", M.Phil Thesis 2007-2009. Alibaba, China.
  12. Jian Liu, "A Study of Matching Mechanisms", M.Phil Thesis 2008-2010. Tencent, China.
  13. Sam Guosen Feng, "Bargaining and Peering between Network Content/Coverage Providers", M.Phil Thesis 2009-2011. First job, working at a bank.
  14. Qianqian Song, "Similarity and Comparison of Academic Ranking Algorithms", M.Phil Thesis 2010-2012. First working as software engineer in Shenzhen, now working in Hong Kong.
  15. Jingjing Wang, "Paid Prioritization and Its Implications on Network Neutrality", M.Phil Thesis 2010-2013. First job, Accenture Hong Kong and Beijing, now at Alibaba.

Past postdocs and visiting PhD students:

MSc (or undergraduate*) students who worked with me on research projects

Past Interns:

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