Dah Ming Chiu

Department of Information Engineering [IE]

Phone: +852 3943-8357

Email: dmchiu at ie.cuhk.edu.hk


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Other services (selected):

Associate Editor, IEEE/ACM Transactions on Networking (2006-2012)

General co-chair: ACM Sigcomm 2013

Hong Kong RGC E panel for GRF and Joint panel for NSFC/RGC grants (2013-2016)

Hong Kong ITC (ITSP, ASTRI, and ESS) grants review panels (2015-2018)

Misc announcement:

Our web site for academic social network and ranking (based on data till 2012)

Some misc writings (not published as academic work)

Photos with students and visitors:

2006, 2007, Sharp Peak hike (Jan 2008), 2008, BBQ08, 2009, graduation (WY), BBQ10, Walkathon13(a), Walk(b), Sigcomm 2013 (a hilarious moment with Keith, Sue and Bruce), Infocomm15 (Srikang), FYP Award (Kuo Wai Keung), Science park (coffee break), Pui Ching (dialog with high school students), Visitor from China Unicom (Dr Tang)


2007: Columbia (Misra), Poly/NYU (Ross and Liu), Kyoto (Geisha), Beijing.

2008: KAIST, Dagstuhl (Kelly), Dagstuhl (Courcou), St Petersburg, Seattle, UIUC, Princeton.

2009: Barcelona, Xian (Towsley and Guan)

2010: Hangzhou (Tom+WQ), the mistery of Huangshan.

2011: Delft (Adele).

2012: Masdar Inst, Google, Nanjing.

2013: Zhangjiajie.

2014: Beijing (Lampson).

2015: India (Jacky+Jessie), Vienna (QF+Yan), Goettingen (Gauss), UIUC (Gallager), USTC (Yipeng+Yongkuen)