• Champion, PIRM Challenge on Perceptual Super-Resolution (Third Region), 2018
    Xintao Wang
    Team members: X. Wang, S. Wu, J. Gu, K. Yu, Y. Liu, C. Dong, Y. Qiao, C. C. Loy
  • First Runner-up, DAVIS Challenge on Video Object Segmentation, 2018
    Xiaoxiao Li
    Team members: X. Li and C. C. Loy
  • First Runner-up, NTIRE 2018 Challenge on Single Image Super-Resolution, 2018
    Xintao Wang, Ke Yu, Tak-Wai Hui
    Team members: X. Wang, K. Yu, T-W. Hui, C. Dong, L. Lin, C. C. Loy
  • Adrian Hao Yin Ü Gateway Fellowship, 2017-2018
    Shizhan Zhu
  • Champion, DAVIS Challenge on Video Object Segmentation, 2017
    Xiaoxiao Li
    Team members: Y. Qi, Z. Wang, K. Chen, Z. Liu, J. Shi, P. Luo, X. Tang, C. C. Loy
  • First Runner-up, NTIRE 2017 Challenge on Single Image Super-Resolution, 2017
    Xintao Wang and Ke Yu
    Team members: X. Wang, Y. Tian, K. Yu, S. Wu, C. Dong, L. Lin, Y. Qiao, C. C. Loy
  • Faculty's Outstanding Thesis Award 2016
    Shizhan Zhu
  • Best Application Paper Honorable Mention, Asian Conference on Computer Vision, 2016
    Zhiyi Cheng
    Team members: Z. Cheng, X. Li, C. C. Loy
  • Silver Award, Hong Kong ICT Awards 2016: Best Student Invention Award (Tertiary and Post-graduate)
    Kit Yee Leung
    Team members: K. Y. Leung, H. T. Ng (CBCC), Y. F. Wong (CBCC), C. C. Loy
  • Champion, ICDAR 2015 Competition on Text Image Super-Resolution, 2015
    Chao Dong and Yubin Deng
    Team members: C. Dong, X. Zhu, Y. Deng, C. C. Loy, Y. Qiao
  • Gold Award, ASM Technology Award, 2015
    Yubin Deng
  • Professor Charles K. Kao Student Creativity Awards, Champion, Undergraduate Individual, 2015
    Yubin Deng
  • Perceptual Computing Pioneer Award, 2013 (awarded by Intel)
    Kam Fung Cheung and Man Chun Kan

The Chinese University of Hong Kong:

  • Xiaoxiao Li - CUHK PhD 2018.
    Thesis: Deep Learning for Object Segmentation.
    Now Postdoctoral Fellow @ CUHK.
  • Shuo YANG - CUHK PhD 2017.
    Thesis: Face Detection by Deep Convolutional Networks.
    Now Senior Applied Scientist @ Amazon.
  • Chen HUANG - CUHK Postdoc 2016.
    Topic: Deep Feature Embedding and Imbalance Learning.
    Now Research Scientist @ Apple.
  • Shizhan ZHU - CUHK MPhil 2016.
    Thesis: Face Alignment in the Wild.
    Now PhD Student @ University of California at Berkeley.
  • Zhiyi CHENG - CUHK MPhil 2016.
    Thesis: Color Labeling via Convolutional Neural Network.
    Now PhD Student @ Queen Mary University of London.
  • Zhibo YANG - CUHK MPhil 2016.
    Thesis: HiQ: Robust and Fast Decoding of High-Capacity Color QR Codes.
    Now PhD Student @ Stony Brook University.
  • Chao DONG - CUHK PhD 2016.
    Thesis: Deep Learning for Image Restoration.
    Now Associate Professor @ SIAT.
  • Zhanpeng ZHANG - CUHK PhD 2016.
    Thesis: Incorporating Auxiliary Signals in Learning Deep Representation.
    Now Senior Researcher @ SenseTime.