Chen Change Loy is a Nanyang Associate Professor with the School of Computer Science and Engineering, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore. He is also an Adjunct Associate Professor at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, and a visiting scholar of Shenzhen Institutes of Advanced Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China. He received his PhD (2010) in Computer Science from the Queen Mary University of London. Prior to joining NTU, he served as a Research Assistant Professor at the MMLab of the Chinese University of Hong Kong, from 2013 to 2018. He was a postdoctoral researcher at Queen Mary University of London and Vision Semantics Limited, from 2010 to 2013.

His research interests include computer vision and deep learning. He has published more than 120 papers in top journals and conferences of computer vision and machine learning. He and his research group pioneer the research in face detection, face alignment, and image super-resolution by deep learning. His journal paper on image super-resolution was selected as the `Most Popular Article' by IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence in 2016. It remains as one of the top 10 articles to date. His current h-index is 52. He was selected as the outstanding reviewer of ACCV 2014, BMVC 2017, and CVPR 2017.

He serves as an Associate Editor of the International Journal of Computer Vision (IJCV) and IET Computer Vision Journal. He also serves/served as the Area Chair of CVPR 2019, BMVC 2019, ECCV 2018, and BMVC 2018. He is a senior member of IEEE.

吕健勤,南洋理工大学副教授,香港中文大学客座副教授,中国科学院深圳先进技术研究院访问学者。2010年获得伦敦大学玛丽王后学院(Queen Mary University of London)博士学位, 2013-2018年于香港中文大学担任研究助理教授,2010-2013年于Vision Semantics任博士后研究员。 其研究方向主要为计算机视觉和深度学习。迄今在顶级国际学术期刊与会议表论文120余篇,包括在CVPR/ICCV/ECCV/NIPS 和SPM/IJCV/TPAMI 发表论文50余篇。其中多篇CVPR/ICCV/ECCV论文被录用为大会口头报告论文。其论文被引用超过13800次,H-index为52 (根据Google Scholar的统计)。 他和团队提出的SRCNN是图像超分辨率的标志性工作,对后续研究产生了重要影响。相关论文被顶级国际期刊TPAMI评选为2016年3月至今“最受欢迎文章”之一。他和其团队也建立了多个标志性的计算机视觉数据集。其中包括人脸检测领域最大和最具挑战性的WIDER FACE、行人属性识别PETA数据库和车辆识别CompCars数据库等。 他和团队曾获得 NTIRE 2019 Video Restoration and Enhancement 全部四个赛道的所有冠军、COCO Object Detection 2018 Challenge冠军、PIRM-SR 图像超分辨率2018冠军、2017 DAVIS Challenge on Video Object Segmentation冠军、2016 ACCV Best Application Paper Honorable Mention、2016 Hong Kong ICT Awards银奖、ImageNet 2016年物体识别的季军、ImageNet 2014年物体检测的亚军等。 现任IJCV和IET Computer Vision的杂志副主编,且担任多个国际顶级会议和期刊的审稿人。CVPR 2019、 BMVC 2019、ECCV 2018 及 BMVC 2018 区域主席。 IEEE高级会员。


  1. Ph.D. Computer Science, Queen Mary University of London, 2010
    Thesis: Activity Understanding and Unusual Event Detection in Surveillance Videos
    Advisors: Tao Xiang and Shaogang Gong
    Thesis committee: Tim Ellis and Gabriel Brostow
  2. B.Eng. Electronic Engineering (1st class honours), University of Science Malaysia, 2005
    Thesis: A Pressure-based Typing Biometrics System for User Authentication
    Advisor: Chee Peng Lim

Professional Experience

  1. Nanyang Technological University, Singapore
    • Nanyang Associate Professor, Apr 2019-Present
    • Associate Professor, Aug 2018-Mar 2019
  2. The Chinese University of Hong Kong
    • Adjunct Associate Professor, Aug 2018-Present
    • Research Assistant Professor, Mar 2013-Jul 2018
  3. Vision Semantics Limited, United Kingdom
    • Postdoctoral Researcher, Jan 2012-Feb 2013
      Projects: GETAWAY
  4. Queen Mary University of London, United Kingdom
    • Postdoctoral Researcher, Dec 2010-Dec 2011
      Projects: SAMURAI
  5. MIMOS Berhad, Malaysia
    • Researcher, Jul 2007-Aug 2007
    • Associate Researcher, May 2005-Jul 2007
    • Research Assistant, Mar 2004-May 2004

Honours and Awards

  • Champions of all four tracks, NTIRE 2019 Challenge on Video Restoration and Enhancement, 2019
  • Nanyang Associate Professorship (Career Award), 2019
  • Champion, COCO Object Detection Challenge, 2018
  • Champion, PIRM Challenge on Perceptual Super-Resolution (Third Region), 2018
  • First Runner-up, DAVIS Challenge on Video Object Segmentation, 2018
    Technical Report
  • First Runner-up, NTIRE 2018 Challenge on Single Image Super-Resolution, 2018
  • Outstanding Reviewer, British Machine Vision Conference, 2017
  • Outstanding Reviewer, IEEE Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition, 2017
  • Champion, DAVIS Challenge on Video Object Segmentation, 2017
  • First Runner-up, NTIRE 2017 Challenge on Single Image Super-Resolution, 2017
  • Best Application Paper Honorable Mention, Asian Conference on Computer Vision, 2016
  • Second Runner-up in ImageNet Large Scale Visual Recognition Challenge (ILSVRC) object classification task, 2016
  • Hong Kong ICT Awards, Best student invention award, silver award (as supervisor), 2016
  • Champion in ICDAR 2015 Competition on Text Image Super-Resolution, 2015
  • Runner-up in ImageNet Large Scale Visual Recognition Challenge (ILSVRC) object detection task, 2014
  • Outstanding Reviewer, Asian Conference on Computer Vision, 2014
  • Full Ph.D. research studentship award by Queen Mary University of London, 2007-2010
  • Gold Medal Award, The 34th International Exhibition of Inventions, New Techniques and Products of Geneva, 2006
  • Gold Medal Award, Malaysia Public Institutions of Higher Learning R&D Expo, 2005
  • Special Award for ICT cluster, Malaysia Public Institutions of Higher Learning R&D Expo, 2005
  • Honorary Mention, National Instruments ASEAN Virtual Instrumentation Applications Contest, 2005
  • Hall of Fame Award, Product Research Category, University of Science Malaysia, 2005-2006

Services and Activities

Conference Reviewer

  • NIPS, CVPR (Outstanding reviewer in 2017), ECCV, ICCV, ACCV (Outstanding reviewer in 2014), BMVC (Outstanding reviewer in 2017), WACV, AVSS, ICPR, ICME

Journal Reviewer

  • IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence
  • IEEE Transactions on Neural Networks and Learning Systems
  • IEEE Transactions on Image Processing
  • IEEE Transactions on Systems, Man and Cybernetics: Systems
  • IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems for Video Technology
  • IEEE Transactions on Multimedia
  • IEEE Transactions on Information Forensics and Security
  • IEEE Transactions on Computational Imaging
  • International Journal of Computer Vision
  • Pattern Recognition
  • Neurocomputing
  • Image and Vision Computing
  • Computer Vision and Image Understanding
  • IET Computer Vision
  • Information Fusion Journal
  • Signal Processing


  • NTU: CE7491 Advanced Digital Image Processing: Fall 2019
  • NTU: CZ4042 Neural Networks and Deep Learning: Fall 2019
  • NTU: CZ3005 Artificial Intelligence (Tutorial): Spring 2019
  • NTU: CE1006 Computer Organization and Architecture (Tutorial): Spring 2019, Fall 2019
  • NTU: CE1005 Digital Logic (Lab, Tutorial): Fall 2018
  • CUHK: IERG6210 Advanced Topics in Information Processing: Spring 2018
  • CUHK: IERG4160 Image and Video Processing: Spring 2014, Spring 2015, Spring 2016, Spring 2017